Thursday, September 29, 2011


Is the first time I used a Cintiq and what a better way to not work on my homework than to draw my favorite super hero. The Cintiq is amazing now I know what I want for Christmas.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Awesome Friend Keaton Tips

In my life I got the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing and talented people, but there is nobody like Keaton Tips, this guy is funny, a great animator and he knows everything, I'm telling you he is a walking Urban Dictionary.... NO he is a walking Google, but the best part is that he is such a great friend. On this past 4th of July we were celebrating the Independent Day in Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA, we were having a great time waiting for the fireworks, while some eat and drink others, including me, were playing with the new boomerang that Bryan Wood got from his girlfriend. It was my turn to throw it and somehow the brand new boomerang got stuck on top of the tree that was on top of a tall mountain. My friend Cody and Tom went for the rescue, they try and try but they couldn't bring it down. But it wasn't until Keaton Tips show up out of nowhere on top of the mountain, he just stand there and somehow the boomerang was on the floor for us to play again. Everybody was cheering his name "KEATON, KEATON, KEATON!!!" (for everybody I mean Guillermo Martinez and I) and from that awesome moment I will never forget that 4th of July of 2011 and who cool is my friend Keaton Tips.

You can visit him at his blog:

The Letter

This assignment was to simply tell a story with one image with a receiving letter.